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If you are struggling with opting for a nice sport-related subject to write about, this article is right for you.

"This research demonstrates that doping practices are not improving results and in fact, may be harming them -- seemingly indicating that 'natural' human abilities would outperform the potentially doping 'enhanced' athletes -- and that in some sports, doping may be highly prevalent," he says.We also suggest that drug use in sport has few ‘black and white’ features, as its critics tend to suggest.Rather, the contextual complexities associated with drug use in sport make its management problematic.The journal’s goal is to translate the latest research and advances in the field into information physicians can use in caring for their patients.RISM Journal cordially accepts all original research papers, review articles, short communications, mini- reviews, opinions, letter to editors, commentary, etc.Hopefully, it will make you brainstorm the area of science to undertake valuable research!Doping is damaging the image of sport without benefiting athletes' results, according to new research.Researchers collated sporting records (including Olympic and world records) of male and female athletes across 26 sports, between 18.Comparisons were made between pre-1932 records (when steroids became available) and post, and it was found that the times, distances and other results did not improve as expected in the doping era.Dr Hermann hopes these findings will change elite athletes' and junior sports participants' perceptions on doping."The success rate of doping tests may be as little as 4% and some anti-doping initiatives to date have been very ineffective," says Dr Hermann.


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