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Pio Baroja and Luis Buñuel attack their Spanish orthodoxy in all its pious hypocrisy.

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It’s is an incisive and often unforgiving account of nineteen year-old Duddy Kravitz—hustler, con artist, betrayer.

Richter has been accused of anti-Semitism in this film.

At the time, the work was reviled as coarse and cynical, but it was praised as well for rejuvenating the Canadian comic novel.

In terms of Richler’s literary career and in the development of Canadian literature the book is considered a seminal work for its examination of aspects of Jewish life that are a source of value and a focus of trenchant criticism.

Therefore, Duddy grows up respecting this belief, and makes it his primary goal in life to acquire land and money, despite the negative consequences that this may have on his relationship with his family.

Duddy's Uncle Benjy never really cared for Duddy, and preferred his brother because he wanted to become a doctor.At times he envisions Duddy and the Jewish subculture in Montreal as harshly venal, crass, and materialistic.But it is Duddy, played so dynamically by Richard Dreyfuss (AMERICAN GRAFFITI), who complicates and transcends cheap stereotype by revealing compassion, family loyalty, and a curious lonely vulnerability.is Mordecai Richler’s most popular and critically acclaimed work of fiction, written early in his career.Upon its publication in 1959, the novel created a sensation in Canada’s literary world because of its explicit language, controversial thematic content, and hilarious, even bawdy, form of satire.Yvette thinks that this behavior is rather rude, as she prefers the land stay as it is.Meanwhile, Duddy starts a film company to further his entrepreneurial ambitions.The novel is divided into four parts and traces Duddy’s transition into independent adulthood over a period of several years.Except for one flashback, the narrative is linear and uncomplicated and includes several set pieces which detail specific events that become the targets of Richler’s satire.Despite this, Duddy still thinks he is "manly" because of all of the things he owns.Every ethnic community has its cultural tattletales, artists and writers who go around revealing the family’s dirty little secrets to the outside world, the “white men” as Duddy Kravitz learns to call them in THE APPRENTICESHIP OF DUDDY KRAVITZ.


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