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By his transcendentalist perception, Emerson also implies everything that human is need of is in nature, so people must look at and live the nature, they must be purified from dirtiness of the society and industry. Therefore, man has to follow the nature, has to take nature’s purity, its moral values. Man uses nature to find his spirit, truth, morality and values. If man can reach this purity, he can find his soul.With the help of nature, man can get rid of earthly devilry. Man came from the nature and will go to the nature again. If man gets rid of the society’s destroyed values and environment and keep the nature pure, nature will serve humanity in its best way.The importance of this work is that transcendentalism arose with this art of work.

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Thoreau was writer and poet, whose focus was mainly on the importance of a connection with nature and living simply.Thoreau believes this end can be obtained by minimizing consumerism, and focusing on your connection to yourself and nature rather than trying to outwardly improve your environment.Thoreau is sometimes considered an anarchist, early environmentalist, and was an active abolitionist.In Nature, Emerson explains the relationship between man and nature. People use these symbols to be able to understand each other and the nature.In the nature, every object is simple and sign of wisdom. In other words, nature provides people communication.Secondly, their essays are both inspired from transcendentalism movement.Finally, their theme are both the same, they deal with mainly the idea of ‘nature’.Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were two famous Transcendentalists in the mid-1800’s.They hung around the New England area – where Eyewire HQ is located!One has to look into herself/himself and turn her/his face to the nature, purity and has to be away from society, and their mind is supposed not to be full of organized believes and political theories.This movement became a leading aspect in literature with the publication of Nature; therefore, when analyzing the work ‘Nature’, the main features of transcendentalism will be encountered and understood better.


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