Employee Recognition Research Paper

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A manager or owner stating the different actions and behaviors of a model employee is beneficial for the work culture and environment as it fosters an understanding of ideal behavior.An employee would likely understand how they would best contribute to the enterprise.Creating an effective employee recognition system consistently and powerfully reinforces positive behaviors and serves as a buffer against the work day’s inevitable negative events.

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This keeps employees willing to learn and moves it to a continuous improvement model.

More often than not, bad and negative behavior is pointed out more often and with more fervent evidence than positive behavior.

Employee recognition is a term for acknowledging your employees’ hard work and accomplishments.

It is a communication tool which rewards and reinforces the good behaviors within a workforce and is beneficial in more aspects than one.

Research from Bersin through Deloitte found organizations with recognition programs which are highly effective at improving employee interaction have a 31 percent lower turnover (voluntary). At the least keeping good employees in a company lets the company use the money for other areas.

Employee Recognition Research Paper

Tying recognition to company value statements according to Society for Human Resource Management creates strategic recognition which results in an employee turnover rate 23.4 percent lower than retention at companies that have no recognition program. Expertise developed in a position takes time and saves a company money.

Most employees leave good positions because of the lack of recognition of jobs well done rather than the money.

The experience of working is as valuable as receiving salary.

Emotions in a workplace are not to be disregarded, as it is a tool for developing positive, friendly, cooperative, and collaborative relationships.

Developing positive and appropriate emotional connections among employees so that they can work to their full potential is all a part of employee recognition.


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