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Employment Agency Business Plan-14
I have also seen other companies have deep, deep pocket and begin With over 0,000.Depending on your goals and your particular Niche will determine how much money you need to start your business.With the baby boomers getting older and life expectancy in America increasing, the demand for nurses in the healthcare system and facilities like hospitals and nursing homes is rapidly growing.

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I was able to do payroll and I was able to find contracts with less than $2,000 of startup capital. I had a limited budget and I was able to get the business.

The kind of services I offered was radiology staffing at first.

Here are some sections to consider including in your nurse staffing business plan. It’s a great way to quickly see what they’re doing that you’re not, even if you reference this section of your plan in the future.

Executive Summary Use this section to define and summarize your business elements and briefly describe that you are a nursing staffing temp agency. Company Description This is a great way to describe who you are, what your company plans and hopes to do and establish an official mission. What will you do if you receive a disappointed client? Marketing Plan Here is where you’ll provide the details of your target market. Also, be sure to establish a possible plan and budget for marketing efforts.

Anytime someone called, the message was routed to my email account. ($50.00) I used a free online resource to grab some free business cards.

It became a virtual office that allowed me to look larger than I really was. I was given 500 cards for the price of shipping and handling.

I wanted To move into nursing staffing and then respiratory staffing, but was only limited by time and not so much money.

The Breakdown I first secured my business license by checking online for name I wanted to use.

How much money does it really take to start your own staffing agency?

I have known some that have started with less than ,000.


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