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Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated please.Heya, I would have a search for journals on Children's literature or books with a variety of essays on the topic e.g.Timeline/Historical contextual study: Victorian, WW1, Cold War British lit, Beat Generation, Post 9/11 lit, Slave Narratives, Great Depression, Civil Rights lit, AIDs 1981-5 literature, etc.

For my diss I did something completely unexpected which was looking at how the literary trope of the "Other" was used in British Cold War literature.

I didn't know anything about British 1950-60s literature, Cold War literature/politics/history, etc.

Bromberg, English PDF Rhetorical Investments: Writing, Technology, and the Emerging Logics of the Public Sphere, Dan Ehrenfeld, English PDF Kiskeyanas Valientes en Este Espacio: Dominican Women Writers and the Spaces of Contemporary American Literature, Isabel R.

Espinal, English PDF “TO WEIGH THE WORLD ANEW”: POETICS, RHETORIC, AND SOCIAL STRUGGLE, FROM SIDNEY’S ARCADIA TO SHAKESPEARE’S THEATER, David Katz, English PDF CIVIC DOMESTICITY: RHETORIC, WOMEN, AND SPACE AT HULL HOUSE, 1889-1910, Liane Malinowski, English PDF Charting the Terrain of Latina/o/x Theater in Chicago, Priscilla M.

Ellie I’ve just finished my second year of university and starting on thinking of some ideas for dissertation..I can’t think of anything at all!

Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated please. Both my previous unis always told students to shy away from children's literature as it's not intellectual/hard enough. Your dissertation will not help you get into teaching whatsoever, especially if you're considering a PGCE anyway.

English literature is a complex and specialized field of study. But this short article serves as a reminder that if the right approach is taken towards literary studies, researching dissertation ideas can be fairly easy. All this short article does for now is give five excellent ideas for an English literature dissertation. You do not, at this stage, need to be a specialist in the literary genre.

You can take your current field of interest, for example, crime fiction, and apply it to your literary studies.

But found it very rewarding learning something new and totally independent on what I had studied before. Not to say you can't do this with children's literature, but this genre of academic study is limited.

PDF Black Men Who Betray Their Race: 20TH Century Literary Representations of the Black Male Race Traitor, Gregory Coleman, English PDF Afrasian Imaginaries: Global Capitalism and Labor Migration in Indian Ocean Fictions, 1990 – 2015, Neelofer Qadir, English PDF Globalizing Nature on the Shakespearean Stage, William Steffen, English PDF Gilded Chains: Global Economies and Gendered Arts in US Fiction, 1865-1930, Heather Wayne, English PDF “ÆTHELTHRYTH”: SHAPING A RELIGIOUS WOMAN IN TENTH-CENTURY WINCHESTER, Victoria Kent Worth, English PDF Sex and Difference in the Jewish American Family: Incest Narratives in 1990s Literary and Pop Culture, Eli W.


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