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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . PDF Black Men Who Betray Their Race: 20TH Century Literary Representations of the Black Male Race Traitor, Gregory Coleman, English PDF Afrasian Imaginaries: Global Capitalism and Labor Migration in Indian Ocean Fictions, 1990 – 2015, Neelofer Qadir, English PDF Globalizing Nature on the Shakespearean Stage, William Steffen, English PDF Gilded Chains: Global Economies and Gendered Arts in US Fiction, 1865-1930, Heather Wayne, English PDF “ÆTHELTHRYTH”: SHAPING A RELIGIOUS WOMAN IN TENTH-CENTURY WINCHESTER, Victoria Kent Worth, English PDF Sex and Difference in the Jewish American Family: Incest Narratives in 1990s Literary and Pop Culture, Eli W.

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Scanlon PDF Reading Multicultural Novels Melancholically: Racial Grief and Grievance in the Joy Luck Club, Beloved, and Anil's Ghost, Jennifer Arias Sweeney PDF The Ethos of Dissent: Epideictic Rhetoric and the Democratic Function of American Protest and Countercultural Literature, Jeffrey Lorino Jr PDF Literary Cosmopolitanisms of Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, and Arundhati Roy, Sunil Samuel Macwan PDF The View from Here: Toward a Sissy Critique, Tyler Monson PDF The Forbidden Zone Writers: Femininity and Anglophone Women War Writers of the Great War, Sareene Proodian PDF Theatrical Weddings and Pious Frauds: Performance and Law in Victorian Marriage Plots, Adrianne A.Garner, English PDF A 'Living Art': Working-Class, Transcultural, and Feminist Aesthetics in the United States, Mexico, and Algeria, 1930s, Tabitha Adams Morgan, English PDF “The Labor We Delight In”: Amateur Dramatists In The London Professional Theaters, 1590-1642, Matteo A Pangallo, English PDF “The labor we delight in”: Amateur dramatists in the London professional theaters, 1590–1642, Matteo A Pangallo PDF Elizabeth's fruitless crown: Ovidian poetry, the end of Tudor genealogy, and the incomplete past, Kevin Petersen PDF Elizabeth’s Fruitless Crown: Ovidian Poetry, The End Of Tudor Genealogy, And The Incomplete Past, Kevin Petersen, English PDF “Transformed oft, and chaunged diuerslie”: Shapeshifting and bodily change in Spenser, Milton, Donne, and seventeenth-century drama, Youngjin Chung PDF “Transformed Oft, And Chaunged Diuerslie”: Shapeshifting And Bodily Change In Spenser, Milton, Donne, And Seventeenth-Century Drama, Youngjin Chung, English PDF To have and to hold: Courting property in law and literature, 1837–1917, Abigail Armstrong Dallmann PDF "Whether Writers Themselves Have Been Changed": A Test of the Values Driving Writing Center Work, Michelle Deal, English PDF Following Eshu-Eleggua's codes: A comparative approach to the literatures of the African diaspora, Jacob A Dyer-Spiegel PDF Following Eshu-Eleggua’s Codes: A Comparative Approach To The Literatures Of The African Diaspora, Jacob A Dyer-Spiegel, English PDF Writing the Local-Global: An Ethnography of Friction and Negotiation in an English-Using Indonesian Ph. Fulford, English PDF Saying “I Am” Experimentalism And Subjectivity In Contemporary Poetry By Claudia Rankine, M.Nourbese Philip, And Myung Mi Kim, Dawn Lundy Martin, English PDF Saying “I am” experimentalism and subjectivity in contemporary poetry by Claudia Rankine, M.Burt PDF Apocalyptic Mentalities in Late-Medieval England, Steven A. Fenno PDF What's the point to eschatology : multiple religions and terminality in James Joyce's Finnegans wake, Martin R. Boehler PDF Poe and early (un)American drama, Amy C. Yeats' "Collected Poems", Patrick Shannon Mulrooney PDF Renaissance roles and the process of social change, John Jerome Wieland PDF 'Straunge disguize': Allegory and its discontents in Spenser's "Faerie Queene", Galina Ivanovna Yermolenko PDF Reading American women's autobiography: Spheres of identity, spheres of influence, Amy Corine Getty PDF "Making strange": The art and science of selfhood in the works of John Banville, Heather Maureen Moran PDF Writing Guadalupe: Mediacion and (mis)translation in borderland text(o)s, Jenny T Olin-Shanahan PDF Writing Guadalupe: Mediacion and (Mis)Translation in Borderland Text(o)s, Jenny T.Hackbarth PDF The Creation of Heaven in the Middle Ages, William Storm PDF (re)making The Gentleman: Genteel Masculinities And The Country Estate In The Novels Of Charlotte Smith, Jane Austen, And Elizabeth Gaskell, Shaunna Kay Wilkinson PDF Brides, Department Stores, Westerns, and Scrapbooks--The Everyday Lives of Teenage Girls in the 1940s, Carly Anger PDF Placed People: Rootedness in G. Brick PDF Economizing Characters: Harriet Martineau and the Problems of Poverty in Victorian Literature, Culture and Law, Mary Colleen Willenbring PDF "An improbable fiction": The marriage of history and romance in Shakespeare's Henriad, Marcia Eppich-Harris PDF The Gothic novel and the invention of the middle-class reader: "Northanger Abbey" as case study, Tenille Nowak PDF Not just a novel of epic proportions: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man as modern American epic, Dana Edwards Prodoehl PDF Recovering the radicals: Women writers, reform, and nationalist modes of revolutionary discourse, Mark J Zunac PDF "The sweet and the bitter": Death and dying in J. Olin-Shanahan PDF Setting the word against the word: The search for self-understanding in "Richard II", Richard Jean Erable PDF Contextualizing spiritual authority in "The Book of Margery Kempe", Mary Lynn Morse PDF The depiction of religion in eighteenth-century English literature from Swift to Johnson, Beverly Trescott Mueller PDF The problem of obscurity in the poetry of Wallace Stevens, Charles Puthota PDF "Spheral change": D. Baldwin, English PDF Addictive Reading: Nineteenth-Century Drug Literature's Possible Worlds, Adam Colman, English PDF "The Book Can't Teach You That": A Case Study of Place, Writing, and Tutors' Constructions of Writing Center Work, Christopher Joseph Di Biase, English PDF Protest Lyrics at Work: Labor Resistance Poetry of Depression-Era Autoworkers, Rebecca S.Griffin, English PDF From What Remains: The Politics of Aesthetic Mourning and the Poetics of Loss in Contemporary African American Culture, Kajsa K.Given the centrality of original research and writing to the advanced study of literature, each candidate for the MA degree in Literature, Language, and Theory is expected to complete a master's thesis on the unique topic of his or her choice.The essay, completed under the guidance of a senior faculty member, must be approved by this thesis advisor, another faculty reader, and the graduate program advisor.Wojcik PDF Changing the Victorian Habit Loop: The Body in the Poetry and Painting of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris, Bryan Gast PDF Gendering Scientific Discourse from 1790-1830: Erasmus Darwin, Thomas Beddoes, Maria Edgeworth, and Jane Marcet, Bridget E.Kapler PDF Discarding Dreams and Legends: The Short Fiction of Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Flannery O’Connor, Katherine Anne Porter, and Eudora Welty, Katy L. Lewis, and Wendell Berry, David Harden PDF Rhetorics Of Girlhood Trauma In Writing By Holly Goddard Jones, Joyce Carol Oates, Sandra Cisneros, And Jamaica Kincaid, Stephanie Marie Stella PDF A Victorian Christmas in Hell: Yuletide Ghosts and Necessary Pleasures in the Age of Capital, Brandon Chitwood PDF "Be-Holde the First Acte of this Tragedy" : Generic Symbiosis and Cross-Pollination in Jacobean Drama and the Early Modern Prose Novella, Karen Ann Zyck Galbraith PDF Pamela: Or, Virtue Reworded: The Texts, Paratexts, and Revisions that Redefine Samuel Richardson's Pamela, Jarrod Hurlbert PDF Violence and Masculinity in American Fiction, 1950-1975, Magdalen Mc Kinley PDF Gender Politics in the Novels of Eliza Haywood, Susan Muse PDF Truth Telling: Testimony and Evidence in the Novels of Elizabeth Gaskell, Rebecca Parker Fedewa PDF Spirit of the Psyche: Carl Jung's and Victor White's Influence on Flannery O'Connor's Fiction, Paul Wakeman PDF Performing the Audience: Constructing Playgoing in Early Modern Drama, Eric Dunnum PDF Paule Marshall's Critique of Contemporary Neo-Imperialisms Through the Trope of Travel, Michelle Miesen Felix PDF Hermeneutics, Poetry, and Spenser: Augustinian Exegesis and the Renaissance Epic, Denna Iammarino-Falhamer PDF Encompassing the Intolerable: Laughter, Memory, and Inscription in the Fiction of John Mc Gahern, John Keegan Malloy PDF Regional Consciousness in American Literature, 1860-1930, Kelsey Louise Squire PDF The Ethics of Ekphrasis: The Turn to Responsible Rhetoric in Mid-Twentieth Century American Poetry, Joshua Scott Steffey PDF Cognitive Architectures: Structures of Passion in Joanna Baillie's Dramas, Daniel James Bergen PDF On Trial: Restorative Justice in the Godwin-Wollstonecraft-Shelley Family Fictions, Colleen M. Amendt-Raduege PDF The games men play: Madness and masculinity in post-World War II American fiction, 1946--1964, Thomas P Durkin PDF Genderless bodies: Stigma and the myth of womanhood, Ellen M Letizia PDF Envy and jealousy in the novels of the Brontes: A synoptic discernment, Margaret Ann Mc Cann PDF Technologies of the late medieval self: Ineffability, distance, and subjectivity in the "Book of Margery Kempe", Crystal L Mueller PDF "Finding...a map..that place called home": The journey from silence to recovery in Patrick Mc Cabe's "Carn" and "Breakfast on Pluto", Valerie A Murrenus Pilmaier PDF Emily Dickinson's ecocentric pastoralism, Moon-ju Shin PDF The American jeremiad in Civil War literature, Jacob Hadley Stratman PDF Literary art in times of crisis: The proto-totalitarian anxiety of Melville, James, and Twain, Matthew J Darling PDF (Re)writing genre: Narrative conventions and race in the novels of Toni Morrison, Jennifer Lee Jordan Heinert PDF "Amsolookly kersse": Clothing in "Finnegans Wake", Catherine Simpson Kalish PDF "Do your will": Shakespeare's use of the rhetoric of seduction in four plays, Jason James Nado PDF Woman in emblem: Locating authority in the work and identity of Katherine Philips (1632--1664), Susan L Stafinbil PDF When the bough breaks: Poetry on abortion, Wendy A Weaver PDF Heroic destruction: Shame and guilt cultures in medieval heroic poetry, Karl E.


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