Enzyme Concentration And Enzyme Activity Essay

Enzyme Concentration And Enzyme Activity Essay-76
Thus, it is important to hold the temperature of the reaction constant, and within the comfort zone of the enzyme, when testing the effect of enzyme concentration on enzyme activity.

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Bisogno Title: What is the effect of temperature, p H, and substrate concentration on Enzyme activity?

Purpose: Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in cells. Each enzymes have only one substrate that breaks down.

The purpose of this lab was to determine the affects of enzyme activity under specific temperature changes, p H values and substrate concentration. So will the reaction of movement if the amount of enzyme is kept constant.

Since heat In the experiment, we monitored the changes in temperature, p H, and substrate concentration in order to see the effects of enzymatic activity. The enzyme activity will be higher at 37 degrees Celsius, and is lower at 7 degrees Celsius. The enzyme activity with the effect of the p H is if the p H is not at the optimum p H value there will be a loss of enzyme activity. Independent variables: Body temperature 37 degrees Celsius, and ICE water at 7 degrees Celsius.

Dependent Variable: Glucose concentration Constants: Beans 4 ml Beano 4 ml and water 2 ml Materials: Pen or Pencil some sort of coffee stick A clean Pipet Journal to write your findings An apple Distilled water and lemon juice for p H experiment.

4 10 ml test tubes or beakers (labeled 1-4) another 6 10 ml test tubes (labeled 1-6) substrate experiment about 28 ml of homogenzied beans 8 ml of Beano 8 ml of Distilled water 4 ml of Lactaid 12 ml of Lactose ICE water at 7 degrees Celsius And 37 degrees (body temperature) of water Water Baths Glucose test strips Thermometer for temperature readings Procedure: Part A: Effect of p H on catechol oxidase 1.

p H is the measure of how many protons -- positively charged hydrogen atoms -- are in a solution.

The amount of protons can affect the intra-molecular interactions that hold proteins in shape.

Enzymes do not always work alone when they catalyze -- speed up -- a reaction.

Sometimes enzymes need co-factors to help them bind to and modify substrates.


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