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It is then that the protagonist can leave the fantasy world with a refreshing look on life, having fought their demons and feeling able to conquer more.In terms of , the spectator may identify with the young girl who craves adventure beyond her claustrophobic, provincial life, or with the beast who is forever trapped by his past.As part of Movies Silently’s Fairytale Blogathon, in which posts from guest bloggers are contributed daily on a particular theme, in this case fairytales, I am contributing a post on my all time favourite film , and it is the latter that I am writing about for the blogathon. : Jean Cocteau Jean Marais Josette Day collection christophel " data-medium-file="

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Due to circumstances involving Belle’s father, she is now provided with the opportunity to star in her very own adventure story, proving herself a worthy and selfless hero along the way by sacrificing herself in order to save her father.

Here begins the typical turning point of the fairy story in which the hero’s journey to a happy ending becomes difficult.

Meanwhile, local heartthrob Gaston proves himself conceited and arrogant and desperate to marry Belle so that he may add her to the ongoing display of trophies in his house.

Belle rejects his advances in humorous style, embarrassing him in front of the whole village.

These stories are passed on through generations, and may alter as they do so, but they are used to educate children on how to behave in a socially accepted way.

Whether the stories are based on any truth is irrelevant; it is the moral value of the stories themselves that make them essential in understanding cultures and education.

If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”.

Fairytales, much like myths (stories of the ancient/religious Gods), legends (stories about mortal people like Robin Hood or religious mortal figures like Moses or Jesus), and fables (a story that has a specific moral – for instance), act in providing a particular culture with a moral context by which they live their lives.

Belle, much like her inventor father, is an outcast in this small, monotonous French village.

As the song explains, Belle craves the adventure that for her only exists in her story books.


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