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If this gets no results quickly, we can slip Stinger missiles to Massoud Barzani in the hills to bring down the gassing gunships.

The Kurds say Pesh Merga - '' Forward to Death.'' That is a slogan of defiance, but it has also been a description of their fate.

The Kurds, though split into factions and aware they were being used as pawns, saw the Iran-Iraq war as a chance to establish a kind of autonomy if not independence. Let us marvel at the reaction: United Nations peacemakers in Geneva are concerned only with the interests of member nations, not with the lives of the Kurdish people or with the proliferation of poison gas. The United States, in its Reagan-era assertiveness, did manage to issue one small cluck.

The State Department spokesperson has said that if the reports of mass exodus of refugees are true, then what is going on would be ''a grave violation of international human rights.'' How's that for taking action to stop slaughter of innocents?

On the day the cease-fire began in the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, launched a new military offensive.

This was for vengeance - to punish the Kurdish people living in northern Iraq who had dared to pursue their long struggle for autonomy during the dictator's war against Iran.He will one day turn his aggressive attention to Syria's Assad, the only Arab leader to have helped Iran, but first he is intent on bloodily crushing all self-determination aspirations within his own borders.For a millenium, Kurdistan has been a place but not a nation.With his forces freed by the ceasefire, Saddam Hussein smashed the Kurds - possibly with mustard gas, which he has reintroduced in modern warfare.Ninety thousand Kurdish refugees are now huddled in tent cities along the Turkish border, with another 40,000 cut off from escape.People who want only peace and freedom deserve America's attention and support.The terrorist group ISIS is the most recent threat that has emerged within the context of the War on Terror taking place within the nation of Iraq and surrounding areas.That's something; not much, but at least not the turning-away we get from the totalitarian Arab world or the amoral Soviet Union.The world's film crews are too comfortable in Israel's West Bank, covering a made-for-TV uprising of a new ''people,'' to bother with the genocidal campaign against a well-defined ethnic group that has been friendless throughout modern history and does not yet understand the publicity business.This essay will cover the history of ISIS and it's impact on the US.In order to understand the nature of this threat and the response of the United States to the threat, it will be necessary to gain a greater understanding of the history of ISIS. After describing the history of the organization, the essay will shift into a consideration of the ideology underlying ISIS and why this makes the organization into an especially virulent threat.


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