Essay About Romantic Love Is A Poor Basis For Marriage

It was once generally accepted that man's greatest problem was pride, an inordinate self-interest.

Now society tells us that man's greatest problem is that he thinks, not too highly of himself, but too lowly.

The need for clear-headed, Biblical thinking about love in this day of disintegrating families, pandemic divorce, and domestic redefinition cannot be exaggerated.

Let's highlight some of the most popular myths and "old wives' fables" regarding love. Most people, like poor Woody Allen, are miserable because they look for love in all the wrong places.

It may surprise the reader to know that people actually once covenanted in marriage though they were not romantically involved and proceeded to develop a fulfilling, durable, and enjoyable relationship. He does not ask, "Do you really feel love, true love, for each other?

" He insists that they consider love as an obligation of marriage: "Will you promise to love...until death do you part? You may wonder, "How can someone 'learn' to have a feeling?

Like the impotent man by the pool of Bethesda, they spend their days "waiting for the moving of the water," waiting for something to happen to them magically and suddenly, waiting for their "ship to come in," oblivious to the fact that the only One who can truly transform a life stands in their midst, ready to bless those who will trust and obey Him (Jno. Like the impotent man, most people think of love magically, as something that happens to them, over which they have no control. It is "love at first sight." Five years later, he decides that he doesn't love her anymore, and in fact, wonders if he ever "truly" loved her at all.

So, he leaves, justifying his actions by the "I-can't-help-how-I-feel" excuse.

No, He accused them of giving lip service to the Law of God while refusing to practice its tenets.

Society conditions us to think of feelings as the ultimate guide to behavior.


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