Essay About Why I Am Proud To Be An American

Essay About Why I Am Proud To Be An American-24
Although it’s a little rosy-eyed, I still have seen enough people build themselves from nothing to believe that our country’s got a thing for the underdogs. We have freedoms that people in other countries only dream about… I have a blog where I can say whatever I want about who I am and what I believe. I remember my mom telling me that growing up in Trinidad all she wanted to do was come to America where she could do anything and be anything.

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During my time as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen I got to travel all over the nation, and it was incredible to see all the different customs that vary from state to state and even city to city! At least according to our neighbors across the pond.

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but celebrating those freedoms is a huge privilege. It’s easy to complain about the economy and healthcare, and say that this nation will never get things figured out. I’ll never forget being in second grade and watching the attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001.

Since the beginning, we’ve always been a nation that the world has looked to as a place where anything is possible.

There are many problems in this world and the United States is the best country in the earth.

He tries, he fails, he faces opposition, he falls, he makes a small difference and he falls. I am proud to be American because despite it all, we are a melting pot of nearly 320 million people who hail from every country on the planet.

We work every day to be better, bolder and wiser.(If you don't believe me, watch this.)I am proud to be American because despite it all, the American Dream is still real.

"The most killer question I get asked as of late is, "Would you permanently stay abroad if Donald Trump gets elected? Well, I will as long as this petition remains in place, banning the man from ever stepping foot into this Kingdom. While the first few inquiries may require a brief refresher course through my US government class notes, that last one about Donald Trump really gets me going.

""Is it true that the states are still split ideologically like they were during the Civil War?

As an American living abroad in the United Kingdom, I find myself constantly answering a barrage of questions about my homeland."Is it really like the movies? Why does your country incarcerate more humans than any other country in the world? Why do some people think the solution to stop people from killing people with guns is to simply supply them with more guns? Why are people so opposed to affordable healthcare?

I sat in the library 90 percent of my time."Is Ohio next to Texas? Being an American abroad is like constantly having to be the sole mouthpiece, cheerleader, representative and sponsor of our country of nearly 320 million people.(And I thought the population of my alma mater, Ohio State University, was scary at around 65,000 students.)On any random day in rainy London, as soon as you hear my Midwestern twang — you can apparently take the girl out of Ohio, but never the Ohio out of the girl — I find myself facing questions like:1.


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