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This combined honours degree includes Medicinal Chemistry, where you’ll develop deep understanding of the complex chemical and biological processes involved in the design and manufacture of drugs and other therapies for treating disease.This course prepares you to help solve problems at the intersection of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology.The Biochemistry course scored 97% for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey in 2016. Each module is usually a self-contained unit of study and each is usually assessed separately with the award of credits on the basis of 1 credit = 10 hours of student effort.

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Keele’s Biochemistry programmes offer broad and stimulating coverage of modern biochemistry.

You might explore the secrets of the human genome, or the individually tailored molecular therapies of the future.

At Keele, studying a combined honours degree will include some modules from both of the single honours degrees.

In this case, your programme will be made up of a combination of modules from both Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry.

You may elect to transfer between any of the courses tabulated below according to the deadlines given: A summary of the BSc Medicinal Chemistry with International Year programme is provided in Annex A.

Please consult the MChem programme specification for full details.In Year 2 the knowledge and skills acquired in Year 1 are developed with an increasing emphasis on the need to integrate knowledge and critically evaluate experimental evidence in solving theoretical and practical problems.In practical classes, new practical skills are developed and an increasing emphasis is placed on critical evaluation of experimental design and the analysis of complex data from multiple sources, including computational theoretical calculations and the scientific peer-reviewed literature.The practical classes emphasise development of core practical skills through hands-on experience of key techniques and procedures, as well as skills in laboratory safety, maintaining a laboratory diary, observation, information retrieval, IT skills, scientific writing and reporting in a variety of formats.Medicinal Chemistry Year 2 (Level 5) Students will take three chemistry modules (one 30-credit module two 15-credit remaining chemistry modules.Particular emphasis is placed on human and mammalian biochemistry, especially relating to health and disease.You can create a four year degree by doing a work and industrial placement between the second and third year.This document has information about Medicinal Chemistry modules only; please also see the document for your other subject.* in year 3 there is the option to choose to specialise in one of your subjects, taking a minimum of 105 credits in this subject rather than taking modules from both subjects It is possible to transfer onto the following courses from BSc Medicinal Chemistry.Sophisticated analytical techniques are introduced and applied to the investigation of a variety of problems, whilst communication skills are developed to include skills in oral presentation.The first dedicated Medicinal Chemistry module links together the key chemical concepts and applies these to the process of drug design and the interaction of drugs with the body.


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