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Education Oasis: Graphic Organizers for Vocabulary Development Links to vocabulary development graphic organizers. Terri Sigueza expressed that ELLs are not necessarily struggling learners; they are learning a new language, and this is an enormous job on its own.Teacher Vision: Language Arts Graphic Organizers These graphic organizers can be used to prepare for a five-paragraph essay, organize sentences in a paragraph, map concepts and events, compare topics with a Venn Diagram, organize notes for a presentation, create a double-entry journal, and much more. As an advocate for ELL students her primary goal is to assure they are taught at their grade level using graphic organizers to meet their second language needs.

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When teachers begin to use graphic organizers they need to follow some simple steps to make sure ELLs gain knowledge from such a simple yet reliable tool (Merkley & Jefferies, 2001).

For example as a teacher begins to present a new topic, such as the solar system, an organizer can assist introducing the new idea (see graph 1).

What are general types of graphic organizers teachers often use?

This page introduces some common graphic organizer types categorized according to the functions such as reading, writing, math, or vocabulary study.

Students can create a list of familiar terms to these maps.

Once students had the opportunity to share their thoughts and understand the topic that it is to follow, teachers can start to connect new material to their prior knowledge.If you'd like a color version, click the "Alt" button below.Graphic organizers are a great tool to use when teaching English language learners (ELLs).Common Core alignment can be viewed by clicking the common core .Here's another hamburger paragraph writing organizer. This version has lots of space to write the topic sentence, details, and closing sentence.Visual illustrations allow ELLs to better understand the material while learning important vocabulary.Graphic organizers are most useful to ELLs when presented in small group activities.ELLs need to have numerous pauses to process language in order to participate.For instance, classroom activities can be tailored to let students create graphs such as a concept definition map (see graph 2).Graphic organizers facilitate ELLs' comprehension through visual illustrations of key terms, vocabulary, ideas, and the relationship among them.Improving student's reading comprehension can be challenging, but such progress is necessary when focusing on students who are learning English (Kim, Vaughn, Wanzek, & Wei, 2004).


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