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He was interested in capturing the social problems of the time and highlighting the plight of the people who weren’t able to voice their plight.His work was based at a time of deep despair and depression and Strand was focused on creating work that was socially aware.

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New York became the new representation for transformation and modernity.

At first Strand did not want to encapsulate the chaotic elements of the city he want to capture more slow movements usually using only one person.

This film was silent but it was able to portray the everyday life in New York and it was very similar to his photograph “Wall Street” that illustrates the movement of the people.

(Wikipedia contributors, 2009) During the years of the depression Strand became more involved in politics and was a socialist.

It was very essential that people looked like they were unaware they were being photographed and he even used fake lens to capture the real essence of the people.

By doing this he was able to capture the rawness and reality of these people.

Strand produced work that concentrated on the Pictorialist elements such soft focus and he did this by using gum bi chromate printing to capture the paint effect of the Impressionist.

(Oden, L, 2004) With the help of his mentor Alfred Stieglitz he was able to break away from the current trends and focus on more sharp and crisp images.

Born in New York on the 16 October 1890 he began his love for photography when his father gave him a camera at age 12.

He attended the Ethical Cultural School where he was influenced by one of his teachers Lewis Hine.


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