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The 1940s encompassed a period of heightened poetic output for Muir, with such works as He returned to Scotland in 1950 when he was named warden of Newbattle Abbey College.

The 1940s encompassed a period of heightened poetic output for Muir, with such works as He returned to Scotland in 1950 when he was named warden of Newbattle Abbey College.He spent one year teaching at Harvard University in the mid-1950s and then returned to England where he continued to write, completing his final poetry collection, in 1956.In his view it tended to distance the poet from the audience. Dismissed by those who could have taken it seriously, [] has since been ignored, though it stands as his most important critical statement." Muir's translations, which he produced in collaboration with his wife, are also counted among his significant works, chiefly for their impact in bringing important German-language authors to the attention of English-speaking readers.

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He began writing poetry in 1913, and quickly found publication in the However, he ceased writing poetry within a couple of years, turning instead to journalism.

In 1919 he married Wilhelmina "Willa" Anderson, a teacher and linguist.

But I myself was still in 1751, and remained there for a long time.

All my life since I have been trying to overhaul that invisible leeway." In Glasgow, with little formal education, the fourteen-year-old Muir began work as an office clerk and subsequently held various positions, including a stint in a local bone factory.

It was Muir's valedictory performance as a novelist, and his prose was thereafter directed towards criticism, autobiography and translations.

Clearly he knew what best suited his own talents as a writer of prose." According to Elgin W.The transition from an agricultural life, closely tied to ancient traditions and the cycles of nature, to an industrial and commercial life in Glasgow, was devastating to the family, and Muir's father, mother, and two brothers died within five years of the move.Muir himself later compared the psychological fracture he experienced to an episode of time travel, when he wrote, "I was born before the Industrial Revolution, and am now about two hundred years old.In his works he often drew on his early experiences on the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland, and on the disparity between his recollections of this pastoral idyll and the gritty, urban life he later experienced in Glasgow.In an appreciation of Muir's poetry in the critic Kathleen Raine wrote in 1961: "Time does not fade [Muir's poems], and it becomes clear that their excellence owes nothing to the accidental circumstances of the moment at which the poet wrote, or we read, his poems; they survive, as it were, a change of background, and we begin to see that whereas the 'new' movements of this or that decade lose their significance when the scene changes and retain only a historical interest, Edwin Muir, a poet who never followed fashion, has in fact given more permanent expression to his world than other poets who deliberately set out to be the mouth-pieces of their generation." Muir was born the youngest of six children in a tenant farming family that worked a succession of farms in the Orkney Islands before high rents drove them to Glasgow in search of more secure financial prospects in 1901.His marriage represented for Muir the most important event of his life, as his wife encouraged him to move to London, to pursue a career in journalism, and to undergo a course of psychoanalysis in order to grapple with fears and guilt related to his disrupted youth and the deaths in his immediate family.Muir was hired as an assistant editor for the In 1921 the Muirs began an extended stay on the Continent, living first in Prague, and later in Dresden, Salzburg, and Vienna.A prominent Scottish poet and critic of the mid-twentieth century, Edwin Muir is also remembered as the translator who first brought the works of Franz Kafka to an English-speaking audience.After beginning his career as a critic and journalist, Muir started producing poetry in his mid-thirties, and over the next three decades developed an individual, visionary style outside the main current of the Modernist poetry then prevalent.Writing nearly forty years after its publication, Scottish poet Douglas Dunn remarked, "The tragedy of Muir's career was that he never thought it worth while to engage his Scottish consciousness on literature in a way that might have given [the poet and critic Hugh] Mac Diarmid a worthy opponent. The first novel, Alan Bold concluded that the novel is "an incidentally rewarding novel rather than an achieved work of art.For the student of Muir it is obligatory reading, for the general reader it is best regarded as a minor work by a major modern writer.


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