Essay On Achievement Motivation

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In other words, think about moments in which your character was tried and you prevailed. The key here is to think about stories – giving a list will never be sufficient to explain who you are, and going straight to professional experiences will flatten you and make you seem like a robot. You can either start your essay with a declaration paragraph that describes who you are in a creative way and proceed to give examples that support your claims.

Or, you can start with an anecdote or a personal story that demonstrates your personality traits and then explicate in what ways it does so.

Developing Achievement Motivation among Entrepreneurs! Behavioural experiments like “Kakinada Experiment” of David C.

Mc Clelland has proved beyond doubt that achievement motivation can be developed.

Let us illustrate achievement motivation with an anecdote.

Essay On Achievement Motivation

This anecdote is about an entrepreneurship development programme especially on ‘achievement motivation.’ The trainer started his session with an exercise, wherein each participant was given a set of 10 plastic rings, which he was asked to throw around a stationary pole placed at one end of the hall.It is with this realization; Assam started the noble experiment named “Entrepreneurial Motivation Training Centers (EMTCs)” way back in 1973 to develop achievement motivation among the prospective entrepreneurs.The concept of “Entrepreneurial Motivation Training (EMT)” now rechristened as “Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs)” is based on this belief that achievement motivation can be developed by imparting required training and education to the prospective entrepreneurs.Unlike the job essays in which the question is fairly straight forward, the motivation essays are a harder because they are more open ended.The trouble rests in how does one begin to give a candid description of oneself, using strengths and weaknesses to paint a portrait of one’s identity? The best way to go about this is to think experientially.Such knowledge of discrepancy induces trainee to reduce or eliminate the same for its better self. In this stage, the facilitator helps the trainee initiate actions to fill in the gap of remove the discrepancy between the ideal and the actual personality traits.Various measures like change in attitudes and beliefs and undertaking some experiential exercises can be initiated to close the gap between the ideal and the present personality traits.To help them internalize the associate network of achievement motivation.To emphasize the formation and use of achievement language in day-to-day thinking and action.Naturally, he was judged to be low on the achievement motive.Though his behaviour was rather unusual, his explanation seemed to be quite logical.


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