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Similarly, the ideal of courtly love— as developed by the troubadour poets of France and their successors, Dante and Petrarch, in Italy — sought to fuse erotic and religious experience.These authors introduced a new range of emotions into love poetry and opened up spiritual depths never before explored in literature.By demanding so much of human beings, by holding them to an impossibly high standard of conduct, chivalry lost touch with reality.

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But by demanding so much of love — no less than spiritual and even divine perfection — they made the ordinary relations between men and women, on which the future of the human race depends, seem crass and base by comparison with the poetic ideal.

The dream of a perfect love left men and women dissatisfied with conventional forms of romance, particularly the commonplace institution of marriage.

In its purest form, it tried to reconceive war as in the service of love.

In literature, the chivalric ideal was embodied in figures such as Sir Lancelot, who, in his noble devotion to Queen Guinevere, always fought on her behalf and in her name.

The play has been lost, but the title was recorded in contemporary annals.

If Shakespeare did write a Cardenio, it was very likely based on one of the interpolated tales in Don Quixote, one that features an unfortunate lover named Cardenio.

In the absence of such a find, we can only speculate on the subject.

I will argue that Cervantes and Shakespeare did have much in common and that in many respects the two greatest authors of the Renaissance were pursuing the same literary program.

We can only hope that someday a text of Shakespeare's Cardenio will be found in a dusty attic somewhere— stranger things have happened.

What a thrill it would be to see one genius re-creating the work of another, and to get a concrete sense of Shakespeare's relation to Cervantes.


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