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with the help of furling energy, we run our vehicles and move from here to there.

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The block diagram representation of EFMS used for energy management of buildings is as shown below: The various terminologies used in above shown block diagram representation of EFMS are: EFMS – Energy & facility management software ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning EMS – Energy Management Software CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management BMS – Building Management System BAS – Building Automation System EAS – Energy Accounting Software Operation of EFMS involves the gathering of various types of information firstly from the system under study and then these are integrated.

The various types of information classes are as follows: (i) Energy consumption information commonly handled by an EMS and derived from online metering devices (such as Energy meters, Gas meters).(ii) System information such as HVAC systems settings, sensor readings etc.(iii) Assets Information, such as building size, floor number and area, cooling capacity of installed HVAC systems, maintenance logs etc.

EFMS will also focus processes and resources on reducing energy

On a mid-to-long term scope an EFMS will support the development strategy of the organization with information that will support managerial decisions such as systems, vendors or processes efficiencies, ratings and critical areas etc.

Energy Vampires don’t feed on blood—they drink up electricity, and they are VERY real.

Find out who these vampires are and learn how you can stop them.

Many of us also use electricity to provide our homes with hot water, heat and air conditioning.

There are many ways you can use less electricity right now!

The Work Order Module will manage actions of users related to each fault along the Fault Cycle (birth, detection, diagnosis, action, evaluation).(iv) Data Sources Module which will manage the connection to and synchronization with the various data sources such as energy management systems and metering devices, BMS, EAS, etc.(v) Reporting Module which will manage the creation and distribution of energy and facility reports.

The various processes performed in an EFMS fall under the categories of: (i) Entry Processes which may be tactical such as the automated synchronization with a BMS or ERP or ad-hoc such as the manual entry of utility bills data or the upload of maintenance log.(ii) FDD Processes (Faults Detection & Diagnosis) which may include sub-processes for setting various thresholds, selecting from a list of rules which ones should be applied to each specific building / installation and the tactical application of rule sets and threshold values to an FDD scanning process of building related data.(iii) Work Order Processes which include processes for relaying alerts and faults to users and managing the actions they undertake until the issue is resolved.(iv) Reporting Processes which involve tactical creation of visualization elements and reports or ad hoc querying processes for data mining and faults investigation.


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