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Another factor may be forgetting or not wanting to take their medication.Many elderly patients are taking lots of drugs, which can lead to increased complications and side effects.There were 350 men between the ages of 65 and 85, and 750 women ages 65 to 91.

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A number of exhaustive researches have been carried out to study its symptoms and impacts on different patients belonging to different personal and professional attributes and most of these researchers depicted that depression in the elderly people is very frequent and in spite of number of researches in this context, it is often undiagnosed or untreated.

To add to this jeopardy, it has also been estimated that only 10% out of the total depressed elderly individuals receive proper diagnosis and treatment (Holroyd et al, 2000).

Because of their change in circumstances and the fact that they're expected to slow down, doctors and family may miss the diagnosis of depression in elderly people, delaying effective treatment. Studies of nursing home patients with physical illnesses In many cases, a combination of the following treatments is most successful.

As a result, many seniors find themselves having to cope with symptoms that could otherwise be easily treated. Antidepressant Medicines Many antidepressant medications are available to treat depression.

Strengths and weakness: From the specifications of the designed DIE it is clear enough that this instrument is meant to enumerate certain levels of depression in a patient.

Furthermore, this DIE is created on the basis of background understanding of assorted facets of depression. Its prime strength is the assessment it comes up with to evaluate the severity of depression in adults who have been psychiatrically diagnosed. It yields consequential outcomes than just measuring the ones which only take account for patient responses to conventional questions. The studies report the DIE successfully distinguishes individuals without depression from depressed individuals. The geriatric depression scale: A review of its development and utility. Evaluation of the Proposed Instrument The proposed DIE is being evaluated on the basis of three core attributes described and discussed below: Appropriateness As a gerontological counselor and on the basis of acquaintance and experience I have in this field, the proposed DIE is appropriate to be used with my clients as I am mostly dealing with the patients who belong to the aged community of our society and I found the proposed DIE synchronized enough with the population area that my counseling services are taking account for i. eople above 65 years who are retired from their professional obligations. Most of the available antidepressants are believed to be equally effective in elderly adults, but the risk of side effects or potential reactions with other medicines must be carefully considered.For example, certain traditional antidepressants -- such as amitriptyline and imipramine -- can be sedating and cause a sudden drop in blood pressure when a person stands up, which can lead to falls and fractures.• Score: The inventory provides a Total Score and five Primary Dimensions: Negative Mood, Interpersonal Problems, Ineffectiveness, Anhedonia, and Negative Self Esteem.• Time: 35 minutes Description: The DIE has been designed to measure depressive symptoms for elderly individuals.In general, the length of treatment of depression for the elderly is longer then it is in younger patients.Depression Inventory for the Elderly (DIE) Depression is one of the most recurrently investigated psychological disorders within the area of medical R&D (Montorio & Izal, 1996).


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