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For example, in Daniel 10:1 the Bible states, “a revelation was given to Daniel… The understanding of the message came to him in a vision” (NIV).In the book of Daniel, there are numerous messages that are only understood through the lens of time.

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From his first introduction, Van Helsing is demarcated as other by his place of origin and profuse knowledge. Seward was perplexed by Lucy’s illness he looks towards a greater power, in this case, Van Helsing.

Mario Vrbančic in his essay “Globalisation, Empire, and the Vampire” describes Van Helsing “job… It is interesting to note that in many Judeo-Christian traditions God is subtly trying to make his purpose be understood by progressive revelation.

Professor Van Helsing comes to the aid of those who seek help with knowledge, which he then reveals in incremental doses.

He lords over the Lucy’s sickness and later the chase for Count Dracula with subtle God-like undertones.

While he wasn’t the first vampire in literary fiction, however many future depictions were based on him. It all starts with the young solicitor, Jonathan Harker.

Everything from the old Hammer horror movies to current shows like Vampire Diaries, and even Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. He is called upon by his firm to travel to Transylvania from Britain to assist Count Dracula in his purchases of real estate.

Vampires have become icons of the ultimate fantasy of immortality.

Dracula, the original vampire wasn’t as attractive, in fact he was more like a thug. More than a century after the book was published, Dracula still lives. He is the ultimate king of all that is unnatural and undead.

It includes newspaper articles, letters, and a copy of Jonathan Harker’s journal.

What is it about Dracula that has given him an appeal that is imperishable?


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