Essay On Eid Day

Before the Eid-al fitr there is an obligatory alms.

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Eid is also infused with diverse traditions in diverse countries.

The majority of individuals utilize the three days of this festivity for the visitations.

My friend’s uncle Hamid explains the importance of this family gathering. Happiness is mutual and thus needs be exchanged and shared.

That this happiness comes along with a lot of food is even better,”Hamid sayswith a laugh.

A side effect of couscous is that it makes you feel very full and tired quickly, so it came at no surprise that around thirty minutes after the Couscous meal the whole house was silent, and all family members spread out on the long couches in the living room to rest or sleep.

Experiencing this Ramadan celebration not only taught me more about Moroccan traditions, Ramadan rituals and family and community bonding, but also finally solved the riddle of the long couches in Moroccan living rooms.

It is actually written in the Quran to pay special attention to sick and old people during the Eid, and it is obligatory to visit sick people, your family and friends during this holiday.

Another important aspect that completes the fasting and Ramadan is the principle of Zakat, the almsgiving.

The starting day differs each year and from one country to the other riding on the geographical location.

Eid al Fitr is celebrated on the 1st day of the Islamic month Shawwal which falls in the 10th month of the calendar of Islamic.


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