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Besides the disappointment, I am saddened to see that people don’t know how to be best friends for each other anymore and even acting it seems impossible for most.So, here are a few definitions I found online for the meaning of “best friends”: “An especially close and trusted friend”, as opposed to “worst enemy”. “Someone who accepts you for who you are, your perfections and imperfections”.

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Would your best friend hurt you in a way that left you broken inside and out?

Would you best friend leave you hopeless without the strength of ever believing again?

It’s true that we’ve modified our communication habits, because now we can talk with anyone, no matter where he/se is, but: Do we know the importance of communication?

Or do we just do it becauseit’s a habit, a routine?

Would your best friend cast you into a world that is meant to sacrifice you because it has no use for you?

Would your best friend forget all about you and left you alone?

“Someone who never gives up on you, someone who won't let you down, someone who listens to you”. Thinking about my personal experience and reading these few sentences that highlight one of the most wonderful human interaction, I can’t help but conclude that while very few people have it in themselves to be someone’s best friend, dogs are especially created for the job.

Comparing the situation mentioned above with the experience I’ve had with dogs over the years, I have to ask myself, when did a dog lick my hand, but bit me from behind as soon as I turned around?

I don’t mean mobile phones are completely bad for us: They help us to keep in touch with our friends and to ask for help in case of danger, and they help other people to find us if there’s an emergency.

But, on the other hand, some people are starting to substitute the face-to-face communication with the mobile phone communication.


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