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" Marijuana Should ve legalized for medicinal, recreational, and religioys purposes.

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Marihuana's medicinal properties are a reason for its legalization.

I am against the legalization of marijuana even though the governments of some other Western countries embark on decriminalization of marijuana.

It can be used also for the government to make more tax dollars and it will help solve problems like overcrowded prisons.

Of course the two sides a Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Medical marijuana advocates, however, say the raid shows contempt for California voters.

"Right now we have a black tar epidemic, a her The Marijuana Reform Party believes: That adults who choose to use marijuana in the privacy of their own homes should not be subject to civil or criminal sanctions.First, marijuana becoming legalized would be beneficial to the United States because it would reduce the crowding in jails.In 1998 alone nearly 750,000 Americans were arrested for minor marijuana possessions Why Marijuana Should be Legal For my final paper I am going to do it on why marijuana should be legal.Since 1975, marijuana is legalized for sale and use in the Netherlands, since 2010 – in Switzerland.In Italy, Spain, Ireland, some regions of Germany and Australia there are no criminal penalties for storage and use of marijuana.It causes numerous amounts of health risks, it's a gayway drug, and it can mess up your life by getting you in trouble with the law.Marijuana in it's self could cause brain damage, reproduction and hormonal damage, Immune system damage, cancer, lung disease, or heart damage.Marijuana may not seem so bad but when looked at carefully anyone can clearly see the negative sides to it.Marijuana is proven to destroy brain cells resulting in burnt out, or slow, peop In the words of Peter Tosh "legalize it do not criticize it!I’m on the side of organizations such as DEA, CASA and California Association of Clerks, which support the current policy and warn Americans that the decriminalization of marijuana will increase the level of consumption and that marijuana is a drug that causes harm to…Do you want to get a custom marijuana argumentative essay from real masters of their craft?


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