Essay On Loadshedding In Pakistan

Essay On Loadshedding In Pakistan-20
Resultantly, the situation got worse and we became well-acquainted with the term load-shedding.

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Affects of energy crisis at-large a) Unemployment and Inflation b) Decrease in FDI c) Large chunk of foreign exchange being spent on subsidies and circular-debt 8.

How to cope with the energy crises and boost our economy a) Short-term solution b) Long-term solution 9.

Seniors, especially qualifiers of CS-2015, are requested to check this essay. Brief History of the origin of Energy Crisis in Pakistan 4.

Energy crisis is a constraint to Pakistan's economic growth Outline: 1. Affects of Energy crises on economic growth of Pakistan a) Significant decrease in Manufacturing b) Increase in import-export deficit c) Industries are being shut-down because of energy crisis d) Case-study of Textile industry and energy affects on it 5.

Unfortunately, over the past few year, energy crisis has crippled the economy of Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing short-fall of 4000MW to 5000WM in electricity, while situation of gas and oil is no different.Pakistan was ranked 26th, in terms of purchasing power. Despite all these positive factors, we are not able to live up to the potential.Pakistan in among the eleven developing countries which are considered to have the potential to become largest economies of 21st century.Energy crisis affect on our agricultural sector a) Scarcity of water because of load-shedding and its affects on crop yielding b) Gas load-shedding and its affect on fertilizers industry c) Low-crop yield because of unavailability of agricultural apparatus 6.Affects of Energy crises on Transportation a) Unavailability of Gas – poor man`s fuel b) Hikes in fare of transportation 7.Epilogue Energy is like an oxygen to modern economies and any deficit in it has an adverse affect on a developing country.Pakistan, being developing country, needs uninterrupted energy supply to progress at a good pace.UN set a limit of 100Kw H per capital consumption to experience medium level of human development.Pakistan`s per capital consumption is 480Kw H, well below the limit set by UN.In present times, a developed economy highly relies on its industries for generation of foreign exchange.Unfortunately, Pakistani industries are on verge of destruction because of the energy crisis.


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