Essay On My Drawing Room

Concentrating all your attention, efforts and resources on a given objective makes you achieve it.

Stating that I would wish to live anywhere in the US may not really help me in my course towards getting the house of my dreams.

This will be my nice little haven and it has to be special. It will have a sitting area with a coffee table, where I can sit, relax and read books.

There will be a king-size bed with a soft mattress and lots of sheets to keep us warm.

The dining table, preferably made of glass, should be decorated with flower centerpieces, beautiful table vases and candles nicely kept in metal candlesticks.

There should be at least eight chairs round the table for the large family that I plan to have.Although I wouldn’t consider myself a book worm, I like to read from time to time.Therefore, there should be a large library bookcase within the living room with books ranging from religion, finances, inspirational to personal development.On top of it we will keep the statue of Buddha praying with candles round it.As for the lighting, I’m thinking of wall lights round the room and one chandelier centrally placed above the dining area.It should be designed in such a way that it can be accessed from the living room and the kitchen. On the wall overlooking the dining area is a large wine cabinet that stores both wine and glasses.The wall opposite the kitchen door should have a large window for natural lighting and fresh air during the day.The adjacent wall should be the cooking section with a few cabinets for cooking appliances.The last wall should be the cleaning section with a sink, a dishwasher and storage cabinets for utensils.It should have a nicely terraced pathway that dissects into two at the water fountain, which should be between the house and the gate.Although there will be a garage large enough to fit two vehicles, there should also be enough space on the outside to accommodate several vehicles for temporary visits.


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