Essay On My First Day In Nursing School

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For the next year, I knew nothing but school and studying, because anything less than straight As could be the difference between acceptance or rejection.

If this was to be my dream and get into the nursing program then that’s what it will take.

How do we know what it truly takes to apply to nursing school, be accepted, and finally graduate?

Now in today’s society with social media and many medical professionals taking to Instagram, Facebook or youtube, it is easy to misconstrue the amount of time and effort it takes to be successful in nursing school.

Becoming a nurse demands you study more hours than you spend in class.

You quickly learn, how you learn; whether you’re a visual learner, auditory learner or tactile learner.We were told for each hour of time spend in class, you will need 3 hours of time spent studying.My favourite aspect of my program is that it had an emphasis on each learning type: we had nursing labs to assess our hands on skills, Power Point slides for visual learning and a professor to talk to with questions about then readings. I had a sleepless night and my mind was racing laying in bed trying to review the head to toe assessment, making sure I would be flawless when my instructor would be observing. I received 2 patients I would take care of for the 8 hour shift.With tests, quizzes, assigned readings, assignments due each week; I often felt lost during my first year, which was to be expected.Every year I thought the next year would get easier and less course work since we had been learning all the material in the first 2 years. I discovered in third year, that yes, the course work and actual “book studying” decreased; however, the clinical hours increases and the lab hours increase.I never wanted to be that student who was afraid to be in a situation where I didn’t know what to do.As bad as all of this sounds, a nursing program shouldn’t be easy, it shouldn’t be a walk in the park or a program where you just show up to class and don’t have to study after.Social media makes it look as if someone just schedules a test and passes with flying colors, without revealing any of the hard work behind the scenes of what it took to pass the exam. But what we never see if the struggle to keep focused, the late nights we stay up studying, the emotions that we experience during the difficult times.Don’t get me wrong, social media can be an amazing resource for students and health professionals and it is great to show the happy and successful moments.But clinical is a whole different type of learning; where you’ll experience days of caring for patients who have a condition you’ve never heard of, or you don’t understand a lab report, or you didn’t know how to perfect that one skill or known the adverse effects of that cardiac medication.Eventually that “book studying” comes right back just when you thought you left it behind.


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