Essay On Our Rich Heritage

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Agra Fort built by Emperor Akbar is the second most popular monument in Agra.

It was during the time of Shah Jahan that this fort was converted to a palave and later in the reign of Aurangzed the fort turned into a gilded prison.

Highlight: The ventilation system is one of its kind century monument in Hyderabad has been the clear winner of being one of the most famous landmarks in India.

Standing tall in the Old Hyderabad, Charminar looks absolutely stunning when lit in the evening.

The shrine is believed to house 33,000 sculptures in its 14 gopurams, which definitely makes an unprecedented scene.

Highlight: The oldest gopuram here dates back to 13 As one approaches towards Taj Mahal, en route the red sandstone fortifying wall shall draw your attention.

Sikhs from all over the world come to pay obeisance at Golden Temple and thus this place has gained a great importance in India’s tourism.

Built by Arjan Sahib with help of Baba Budha Ji, this Sikh shrine is done in Indo-Islamic architecture style.

Completed in 1648, Taj Mahal has remained an important historic monument for India; its beautiful architecture is most spoken about and the heart melting story behind its construction truly incites an urge to visit the Epitome of Love.

Highlight: Enlisted in the Seven Wonders of the World, Reckoned as the Epitome of Love Built to commemorate royal visit of King George V, Gateway of India has stayed an inseparable historic symbol for the city of Mumbai and the country.


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