Essay On Sincerity

Zukofsky speculated that Reznikoff’s difficulty with finding a publisher and the lack of public interest in his work were due to Reznikoff’s delight in the experience of his senses and his capacity to accept, without support, responsibility for his own writing.Reznikoff was sustained in his life and in his art by his joy in experience and his peace with the world.The old adage, “do as I say, not as I do,” would never help in nurturing and strengthening their God-given love for good.

These omissions have helped divorce “Objectivism” from the “Objectivists” and have left Zukofsky’s concepts underdetermined and therefore too easily misunderstood.

Reznikoff’s virtue depends on the relation of two sincerities, which we might term personal sincerity and poetic sincerity.

The first is the quality of a man who stands beside his word, and whose word, accordingly, is a consequence of his personal integrity.

As Zukofsky said, one lives in the world with things as they are no matter what one thinks about them, and the poem enters this world as one’s sensations and thoughts enter it.

Either the details of the real are in the writing or they are not.


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