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1869 – Anthony calls the first Woman Suffrage Convention in Washington D. 1872 – Anthony is arrested for voting in the front parlor of 7 Madison Street (now 17 Madison) on November 18 and is indicted in Albany. 1873 – Anthony is tried and fined 0 with costs after the judge ordered the jury to find her guilty.Anthony refuses to pay but is not imprisoned so cannot appeal the verdict.

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C., She gives her “Failure is Impossible” speech at her 86th birthday celebration.

Anthony dies at her Madison Street home on March 13.

They knew that they were being discriminated against because of their gender, and they refused to take it.

These women lived at the turn of the century, and fought vehemently for a cause they believed in.

However, the suffragettes were able to overcome these obstacles by altering their tactics, while still maintaining their objective.

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In 1869, two organizations for the promotion of women’s suffrage were founded with different opinions on how to reach the same goal.

After the negative response to the proposal of a new federal amendment, both groups tried new approaches, such as challenging the constitutionality of their exclusion from the vote in the supreme court, only to be rejected again.

In the case Minor VS Happersett (1874), the Supreme Court decided that the state of Missouri was acting within its constitutional limits in denying a woman the right to vote.

These pioneers of feminism paved the road for further reform, and changed the very fabric of our society.

Although they were fighting for a worthy cause, many did not agree with these women’s radical views.


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