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Different types of artificial hearts such as the Syncardia, Cardio West, and Abio Cor artificial heart systems have varying structures, but are all based on a pump model hat assists the contraction of ventricles.

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A special coating of titanium is used on blood contacting surfaces, allowing blood cells to adhere to the metal, creating a living surface that mimics a real heart.

The diaphragm within the pump is made from polyurethane, an easily modifiable, chemical-resistant material, also chosen because blood can easily adhere to its surface.

Chemical engineers must carefully choose the right materials to ensure that they are optimal for the function of the artificial heart.

There are different types of systems used to control the contraction, expansion, and distribution of the artificial heart pump.

I’d be friends with the sparrows and the boys who shoot the arrows, if I only had a heart...well, suppose the wizard wouldn’t give me a heart when we got there? Heart failure alone kills a shocking 300,000 Americans each year, and heart diseases wipes out at least 600,000, making it the leading cause of death in America.

The amount of heart disease and death by heart failure is only increasing.In 1998, 7,700 people were on the list for a heart transplant, but only 30% of those people received treatment.That was when the only cure for heart failure was an organ transplant from a donor. Before we delve into the design and inner workings of an artificial heart, we need to know a bit about how the heart actually works.The artificial heart has a shape similar to a normal heart and is attached to the necessary arteries and veins to allow the circulation of blood throughout the body.(4) Choosing the proper materials is a crucial part in building an artificial heart. We’ve come such a long way already...” And we have, indeed, come a long way in the evolution of the heart pump technology, one of the most important advances in the past century.(5) However, with the help of biomedical engineers, we are making progress in tackling the challenge of the rapid rise in death due to cardiovascular disease.Pneumatic engineering is categorized under mechanical engineering and deals with air as a power source.The Syncardia and Cardio West artificial heart systems are basically electrical pumps with two internal diaphragms, one in the left ventricle and one in the right that mimics the actual motion of a heart pumping blood.When the diaphragm in the ventricle expands, it provides enough pressure to eject blood.A vacuum supplied by a pneumatic power source pulls the diaphragm down, allowing blood to fill the ventricle.


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