Essay On The Theme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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He his considerate, “There ain’t no need to fear a cootie.I’ll just fetch some cool water”, this explains he is willing to help someone in need and that even if he “didn’t know when his next meal was coming from…he was a born gentlemen”.This leads me onto another point to say that she is curious; however her formal education exploits this, and gets her into trouble.

An example of this occurs relatively near the start of the book when Scout first starts school along with Jem.

The theme of education is thus introduced and has a dramatic effect on both of the siblings’ attitudes to certain people and situations.

This is a similar situation with Atticus, as he doesn’t possess any great assets, and he does admit his family are relatively poor, as hit heavily by the Great Depression; but in despite of this he still shows respect to everyone- “Well I do my best to love everybody”.

Outside of the classroom, Scout and Jem are educated by their father, and learn the great value of empathy and getting into another persons’ “skin”.

The theme of education may not only necessarily indicate an association with a formal education, but also the vital moral education they both receive from their father Atticus, who is notably knowledgeable and wise.

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This will also exaggerate the importance of the various themes presented throughout the book to the reader, especially ones such as empathy which closely relate in the fight with racism in that time period.

The restriction, at which Scout is presented with, causes her to become distressed and out of place; the school system is flawed and ridiculous in the opinion of both Scout and her brother who knows already about the “Dewey Decimal System”.

Scout reacts to Jem; to the fact that Miss Caroline orders her to tell her father to stop teaching her to read, “that damn lady says Atticus’ been teaching me to read and for him to stop it”.

There is a sense of innocence about Scout revealed in this context.

Within the text, we learn from a few folks in Maycomb that being a “gentlemen” has nothing to do with possessions.


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