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Book Caps, Book Caps Study Guides Staff states that they were taught zoo keeping since their father was a renowned zookeeper in India.He loved and cared for them so much and they left India together as a family to Canada (Life of Pi 6).During massacre, Hassan and his wife died leaving a son who lived with Amir and his wife in America later on.

Although he was a vegetarian, the only way he had to adopt in order to survive and move on with his journey was to feed on what was available, which was fish.

Pi also had to restrict himself to the safest places of the boat (“Book Caps, Book Caps Study Guides Staff,” Life of Pi 6). After his parents’ death due to massacre, he manages to escape narrowly from the massacre and in the end finds a safer place to stay with his stepfather, Amir.

Later, when he is a grownup living in America, his past haunts him and he decides to return to Afghanistan in order to redeem himself.

This paper explores certain characters, relationships, motifs, symbols and places in the movie, as well as identifying and justifying the reasons for the protagonist’s various actions.

Additionally, Book Caps, Book Caps Study Guides Staff narrates that Amir loved Baba even though they sometimes had differences with him and he thinks that he lives his life to his father’s expectations.

After father’s death in America, he came back to Afghanistan but he finds life challenged by his pas deed and so he decides to leave again to America where he also fathered Hassan’ ....The relationship that is first going to be explored is the one between Amir and his father (Baba). The book, ‘Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini takes the reader through a series of developments in human relationships.It narrates the depth and variance in the relationship between two fathers and their sons and also it contains within it the tale of two children and their relationship as they grow up.Several times, Hassan lays his life for Amir, but Amir has failed to do the same for Hassan.Kite running stands for how characters wait for redemption from their sins.The Kite Runner is a story revolving around family, friendship, betrayal, and salvation.This is a story of a young boy, Amir, who moves to America together with his father Baba after their servants- Ali and his son Hassan- left their home. After his father falling sick for some time and dies, leaving him married and forced back to Afghanistan by a family friend where he realizes that Hassan is his half- brother, a secret kept from him by his father.In the Kite Runner, one of the courage themes is search for redemption.This is evidenced by Amir’s departure to America in order to start a new life with the aim of being born again, to leave behind sins and suffering and find a life full of freedom and finding forgiveness.This implies that, all his life since childhood, he gave religion first priority and will stick to it always no matter what difficulty comes his way.The aspect of the “survival for the fittest” also characterizes both stories.


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