Essay On Uses And Abuses Of Nuclear Energy

Essay On Uses And Abuses Of Nuclear Energy-76
Presently, nuclear energy provides for approximately 16% of the world's electricity and about 6% of the world's energy.The nuclear reactors that we have today work on the principle of nuclear fission.Fusion reaction of light elements is the source of power of the stars and produces virtually all elements in a process called nucleosynthesis.

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In such a reaction, free neutrons released by each fission event can trigger yet more events, which in turn release more neutrons and cause more fission. The most common fission process is binary fission and produces two fission products.

Another type is ternary fission in which three products are formed but ternary is less common.

which the nuclei of atoms are joined together or fused together by colliding them with each other at very high speed.

This happens only under very hot conditions that are specially created for reaction to take place.

Around the world, there are thousands of scientists working daily for finding out some more ways to harness nuclear energy more efficiently and effectively.

Nuclear energy can be produced naturally or through manmade operations in a controlled manner: properties.The smallest of these fragments in ternary processes Nuclear fission can also occur effectively without neutron bombardment, as a type of radioactive decay.This type of fission is called spontaneous fission and is very rare except in a few heavy isotopes.While coal, petroleum etc are the conventional sources of energy, various other sources of energy such as atomic energy or nuclear energy are also becoming popular these days.Nuclear energy is the prospect of future and there is a lot of research work going on in this field these days.Nuclear energy comes with a great advantage of producing energy without any pollution and resource depletion, but it has disadvantages too.The nuclear power debate concerns the controversy that surrounds the deployment and using of nuclear fission reactors in order to generate electricity from nuclear fuel for civilian purposes.Nuclear energy is the form of energy in which matter is converted to energy by the means of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity.Scientists have been able to harness that mechanism and successfully use it to generate power.The heat is removed from the reactor core by a cooling system that uses the heat to generate steam, which drives a steam turbine connected to a generator hence producing electricity.There is no perfect energy source which produces energy without any complication related to it.


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