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This provides an extremely effective outlet to produce an anti-distracted driving ad campaign. Using an anti-distracted driving ad campaign on television can be just as effective, if not more so.

A television ad campaign could be a secondary campaign. Take, for example, the anti-smoking advertisement campaign.

Teens go online every day to utilize social media and the internet.

An anti-distracted driving advertisement campaign would reach millions of teens and young adults across the country.

Taking his eyes off the road for the two seconds it takes becomes a moment of bad decision making.

The car skids off to the shoulder of the road, spinning 360 degrees. Sending that text had the potential of ending two or more lives.

Multi-tasking while driving is a hazard, and technology use is the most common temptation.

Technologies that promise ‘the ability to multi-task,’ and make life easier inundates consumers.

Showed first 250 characters Drivers should not be able to use their cell phones while driving, for the reason that the use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is exceedingly hazardous for the driver, as well as others who are traveling along the same road.

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