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We know that he was a bachelor; we also know that he apparently loved but was refused by his early beloved.

Lamb's own personality is the basis for most of his essays. Actually autobiography is that kind of writing in which the writer's states, life and conditions are delineated.

His personal experiences are revealed in autobiography.

Some of his relatives and friends lived in London and who were, no doubt, very caring to him.

They used to bring delicious foods for him in Christ's Hospital and used to look after him very cordially.

In the essay "The South Sea House”, he writes about his colleagues and gives the readers a very clear view about them.

Similarly, In "Christ's Hospital", he tells about his relatives and friends.These experiences sometimes seem humorous and sometimes seem pathetic.In the essay “A Bachelors Complaint”, he tells about some of the bitter experiences and expresses his agony for the behaviour of the married people whom he thinks pretend lovers.From these essays, we come to know about his personality, nature and character which are revealed by himself.After reading his essays, we know all about his stammer, his work al India House and his companions there.Thus he speaks about his life, likings, whims and feelings.Lamb talks to the reader as if he were his friend and confesses and confider in him.Moreover, he got his "extraordinary bread and butter" "from the hot-loaf of the Temple".The reason for why his essays appeal autobiographical is his subjective note which is predominant in all his essays. In all of them, he makes some reference to himself.And the personal "I" is so abound in his essays that readers ere sometimes fretted, although some critics consider that use as an extra charm of Lamb's essays.In almost all the essays, he talks about himself, his family, relatives, and friends.


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