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Solar Energy is exactly as it sounds; energy harnessed from the sun, used to power different types of technologies.Solar energy is one of the more popular types of alternative energy, especially because it is a renewable resource, which means that as humans, we will not run out of it like we would a nonrenewable resource such as oil.Alternative Energy is still a highly questioned and skeptical concept to many, but initially has been viewed as a more intelligent and efficient way of power.

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It is important to note that long after the other resources have been entirely exhausted from the face of the earth, solar energy will still be present. Some people have claimed that it is more cost effective to generate energy using fossil fuels.

This has made renewable energy sources, such as the wind and sunlight, to go untapped.

However, it seems as though this in no longer the case.

If the production of fossil fuels is cost effective, then why is it that the world’s consumption of energy far exceeds the amount that is supplied?

Nuclear Energy is used primarily to generate heat in order to produce electricity.

Nuclear Energy is often used by steam turbines in power stations.

Usually, it is converted into electricity through the use photovoltaic cells to power household and industrial electrical equipment.

The advantages that the use of solar energy brings have made many people to adopt its use.

Many homes have solar panels which generate energy from the sun to power electronics or heat.

Wind power is not a new concept as many societies have used it for thousands of years.


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