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This is also mirrored in the system of checks and balances that exists in Germany as it does in the US.

In my research I have realized that the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America are very similar in practice. German federalism from its inception has stressed interdependence, not independence between the two levels" (Hoetjes 1993).

Despite this the state governments have a lot of freedom in legislation for internal affairs. In Germany the state governments do not seem to have as much freedom as the individual states in the US have.

The concept of federalism exists on mutual co-operation between the various levels of government.

In America, however, federalism exists as a "contract in which the states come together to create a central government with limited functions." ..more.

Conclusion It is not independent to the state governments, due to the many checks and balances that exist in the Constitution, but because of these checks and balances is co-ordinate with them.It is a constitutional settlement, which forces the politicians to operate with considerable restraint.Federalism is a constitutional phenomenon, but as social and economic situations change, so does the federal constitution. Introduction Federalism essay: It is clear when we look at the globe that many countries are too large for all the administration to come from the capital.The process of de-centralization (distributing the functions of the government) is, therefore, a more agreeable option. These can be through systems of Local Government, which is multi-functional with 'significant' autonomy in decision making.The most important of these forms of de-centralization, however, is that of federalism, where legal sovereignty is shared between central and regional governments.In this essay I am going to explain Wheare's definition of federalism, provide some criticism to it, and try to apply it to federal states.Wheare's definition is a principle by which governmental powers are divided so that the general and regional governments are each, within a sphere, co-ordinate and independent.In my opinion this definition is relatively vague, but Wheare accepts that many students will not accept his definition.The sixteen Lander have some of the features of a state, as does the central federal government.Each state has its own powers which are restricted to certain spheres.


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