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A curriculum unit for dialogic citizenship education was developed and implemented in the 8th grade of secondary education.

In the final lesson, students discussed a moral issue and then wrote an essay on it.

Il faudra que l’éducation civique prête plus d’attention au dialogue entre les élèves, élément déterminant à un meilleur étayement aux idées de dialogue There has been an increasing emphasis in the past few decades on the social dimension of education.

Citizenship education has been introduced into the education systems of almost all European countries.

In general, citizenship is concerned with people’s willingness and capacity to participate actively in a community (Educational Council ).

An important component of contemporary citizenship is, among other things, the ability to form one’s own opinions about matters concerning justice and the public interest.

To spread these messages to the Indian youth, The Union Ministry of Education established committees such as the Emotional Integration committee (1961).

This study investigates the relationship between the quality of student dialogue and students’ ability to justify their viewpoints on a moral issue.

When students engage in dialogue, they are encouraged to consider the perspectives of others and to reason and explain themselves to others.

In this way, dialogue is assumed to stimulate the development of critical thinking as a crucial aspect of the competences citizens require to participate in society (Ten Dam and Volman ).


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