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In a very general sense, everyone obeys out of their own self-interest.

In a very general sense, everyone obeys out of their own self-interest.However, this places the fear of punishment on an equal plane with the promise of a reward and does not shed much light on the underlying reasons.As alluded to in the textbook Social Psychology by authors Saul Kassin,, there are evolutionary grounds for this tendency in humans.

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Though hundreds of literary genres have quite unconsciously given birth to the variety of topics depicting the thoughts and actions of the members of society, there appeared a school, during the Modern Era of English Literature, which interlinked all human actions with some specific thoughtfulness. Milgram and Destructive Obedience Submitted by: Submitted Introduction The Holocaust is the term used to describe the planned and executed extermination of Jews from all German controlled and influenced territories.

This tragic event in the history of mankind saw the death of a staggering six-million European Jews during World War II staged by the National Socialist party headed by Adolf Hitler.

People also have the capacity to exercise free will and act according to their own value system.

Psychological theorists can help explain obedience by examining the motivation behind the reward we receive for compliance.

In the case of the foster children, the researchers noted that, "Their main goal is unilateral-self-saving [...] Their main interests are fear of punishment and a feeling of powerlessness" (601).

The birthchildren that were offering intense rebellion were said to have, " [...] unilateral coercive goals to get their own way" (594).

The birthchildren were acting in self-interest to exploit the parental authority's lack of resolve, while the foster children were obeying for self-preservation.

As children grow into adulthood, they will for the most part become more aware of the need for obedience.

Obedience can take many forms and the authority may be abstract.

Young children may obey their parents because they understand it is the right thing to do and is an ethical decision.


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