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Seonaid Valiant, curator for Latin American studies at the ASU Library, displays a rare first-edition copy of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz's "Neptuno alegórico," now considered by Valiant to be the anchor of ASU Library's colonial Latin American collection.Emil Volek, a professor in the School of International Letters and Cultures at ASU, says the acquisition of the booklet is significant, in part, because it had helped cement her career as a writer.

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Martínez-San Miguel 1999 foregrounds the difference in the poet’s perspective as a Creole woman, calling attention to the performance of feminine intellectual subjectivity in the Respuesta and indigenous and Afro-Hispanic voices in the villancicos and sacramental theater.Scholars have researched elements of Aristotelianism, Thomism, or Neoplatonism; piety or subversion; Creole or pro-Indian identity; feminism in the Respuesta; lesbianism in poetry of love and friendship; Jesuit affinities or antagonism; and orthodoxy or defiance in her devotional writings.Castellanos 1966 invited her readers to study Sor Juana’s works instead of repeating popular anecdotes and pseudo-psychoanalytic speculation about her life.Puccini 1996, which first appeared in Italian a year after Castellanos’s invitation, offers close readings of the adaptation of visual imagery from earlier baroque poetry in Primero sueño, demonstrating the poet’s originality in concepts and versification.Several scholars took up Castellanos’s challenge in the 1970s: Electa Arenal, Marie-Cécile Bénassy-Berling, and Georgina Sabat-Rivers among them.Sor Juana’s works are available online in scanned first editions and digitized texts.The range of genres and the complexity of Sor Juana’s thought requires multiple approaches: literary, rhetorical, philosophical, theological, and historical.The booklet was printed unbound and in limited number to be given as gifts.Just two known original copies exist.“This is a rare ephemeral document that is now the anchor of our colonial Latin American collection at ASU Library,” said Seonaid Valiant, curator for Latin American studies at the ASU Library.“The piece is well-known, often included in collections of Sor Juana’s writing, and lets us study a unique style of printing.”Sor Juana’s essay depicts the new viceroy as Neptune, emerging from the sea, a display of the breadth of her classical knowledge, says Valiant.“She was self-educated and knew all the great classical scholars.Because we have the first edition, we get to see the essay before her corrections were incorporated in the third edition,” said Valiant.


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