Essays On The Cold War Cause And Effects

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The Truman Administration believed that the Soviet Union had totally disregarded international authority with its nuclear weapons testing, and was primed to exert itself throughout the world.

NSC-68 authorized military expenditures that included the development of surface-to-air missile sites.

The hope was to prevent Soviet subversion into the weakened governments.

Truman also passed the National Security Act of 1947.With Soviet expansion came a heightened fear from both the United States federal government and the general American public.This trepidation was increased upon the release of United States Diplomat to Moscow George Kennan's 'Long Telegram', or the 'X-Article.' Kennan was a trusted adviser to Truman, and his 'Long Telegram' became the basis for the policy of containment.However, one of the most important happenings within the first several years of the Cold War was the passage of National Security Council Report-68, or NSC-68.The report called for significant military enlargement by the United States.The legislation led to the creation of the Air Force, National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense.All of this was done in an effort to combat the Soviet Union and communism.As a visual, imagine a fictional fence being erected around the Soviet Union by the United States.This was the general idea of containment and keeping communism from spreading into different countries.This battle of ideologies resulted in increased national security, diplomatic tension and proxy wars between the two powerful nations.The beginning of the Cold War is linked to the Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945.


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