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This process is for the lottery that was conducted in the town.However, these processes continue until all the families head picks up one of the piece of paper from the box.Why are you accusing us of she broke down and said the following in response to persistent queries from her readers about her intentions: "Explaining just what I had hoped the story to say is very difficult.

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The people of the town started their day as the typical day but at am all of the residents of the town had to report to a town square. When all the families arrived in the town square, he addressed the gathering, and his initial order was to take the role and ensure that who was the head of the family and also know which member not attended this meeting. He announced that if a male head of any of the family was deceased or not capable of coming to the meeting in the town square because of some issue as in the case of the Clyde Dunbar’s that he was not able to come to the town square for representing his family because of the broken leg injury, then the wife of the head or the son whose age is above 16 years stand in his place, take his position and pick up the paper piece from the box for their family. Summers announced each of the family name one by one and the representative of this family come near to box and pick the paper piece from a box without looking in the box.

He brought the box with the small paper pieces inside the box with him. Summer had been cursed in, stating that she forget that what day this was to an enjoyment of the people who listened to her.

After Jackson describes the summer morning, she alternates to the children gathering in the Village Square, but they are acting quite strange.

"Bobby Martin had already stuffed his pockets full of stones, and the other boys soon followed his example.

Throughout the story the reader gets an odd feeling regarding the residents.

Although they are gathering for a lottery drawing, there is an air of nervousness about the event in which it takes place.He eventually made a great pile of stones in one corner of the square and guarded it against the raids of the other boys" (page 222).The first question that must be asked is why are the boys piling stones up in the village square?All of the people in the crowd especially the young once was looked around and wondering which of the family win the lottery and had the black spot on their piece of paper.When all people checked their ticked Bill Hutchinson, who was the wife of Dunbar announced that she had ticked with black spot and told her eldest son in the excitement to run and told his dad that they win the lottery. Grave helped him when his turn comes to draw the ticket from a box.Few of the people of the town gossiped about how the village in the north was conducting the lottery and what are their processes of the lottery.The older individuals in the gathering appeared to consider that it was ridiculous according to him the lottery in June, is like the corn be dense soon.From start to finish there is an overwhelming sense that something terrible is about to happen due to the author's in depth use of foreshadowing .The first hint that something strange is happening is in the second paragraph .1"The Lottery"The short story ,"The Lottery", written by Shirley Jackson is a tale of disturbing evilness.The setting is a small village consisting of about 300 residents that gather every year for a village- wide lottery in which everyone is expected to participate.


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