Essays On The Nightmare Before Christmas

Burton has over time become a very successful film producer.

One of the most famous films he has produced is the animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas from 1993 that was directed by Henry Selick.

Amazed by the snow, color, and wonder he sees, Jack becomes fascinated with Christmas.

Jack returns to Halloween Town and shows the citizens examples of Christmas items.

Reubens had seen Burton’s earlier works and now wanted him to direct the first Reubens film on the character Pee-Wee in the movie Pee-wee’s Big Adventure from 1985.

The film was a success, which led to Burton after it created more of his unusual films.

He shows them Christmas trees, stockings, and the whole routine of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The townspeople are excited, but Jack worries they don't fully grasp the concepts he's trying to explain to them.

The night after the celebration he takes a long walk through the forest with his ghost dog Zero (who has a glowing pumpkin for a nose), where he finds doorways to other holidays.

Intrigued by one showing a bright green tree with decorations, Jack opens the door and falls down a hole leading into Christmas Town.


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