Essays On The Quaker Vision Of Gospel Order

In all cases it is the practical application that is being addressed.-Nate Swift § As I understand Gospel Order it is living in right relationship with God and all of creation.

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I think that vision is revealed clearly in the Gospels and in Jesus’ life and teaching (aswell as other places that I don’t know as well, perhaps). Ideally, that would also be what we do corporately as well as individual -Mary Kay Glazer, Ticonderoga NY Worship Group § It means doing things as God wants them to be done. All the arrangements for living together, for community, for relationships thin and thick…

Sometimes this is misunderstood to meanfollowing some old Quaker tradition. arrangements that let us live in the light of love, those would be Gospel Order.

Or,expressed another way, to live so that the outer manifestations of my life in word & deed are consistent with my inner condition/awareness of what God requires of me–to live Love in the world. Derives from Matthew , and expands outto fill a community. Is it the same as the kingdom of God,the time when the world runs the way God would run it? , anyone can get a start at living in Gospel Order by solving their conflicts with others by bravely dealing with them directly, or directly with help.

-Anonymous, Rich Square Meeting (NCYMC) § I understand Gospel Order to mean living in harmony with God’s kin-dom; or with God’s vision for the world. However, in the Quaker tradition, it means much more.

Essentially it is a processing of meeting with someone that you have a disagreement with with the hopes that the problem can be cleared up.

You can go first by yourself, then with one or two other, and then you can involve the Meeting as a whole. We have to be transformed by his Life in us to live as the solution.Gospel Order is the livingout of the principles of the New World in this present.It is the application of faith and hope in the world to come to our immediate reality -Anonymous, Northside Friends Meeting Chicago ILYM § The gospel is the power of God.This desire for complete reconciliation and transcendence of conflict is the heart of healthy religious aspiration.Those who receive the Light of the World to Come, are drawn towards both a desire to live with others who have seen the Light, but also to share the light with those who are still in darkness.But so far as “gospel” was originally about “Good news, we’ve got a new world ruler,” it should refer to something like Jesus’announcement that “The Reign of God has arrived. It would mean in one sense a Biblical way of conducting church governance or affairs, of dealing with one another in Christian community.So “in gospel order” would have meant “in accordance with God’s intentions,” which I believe is the gist, whatever differences might exist as to how this should best be implemented. It goes deeper than that, of course; it means realizing true discipleship as a community and waiting on God to direct our actions in business and in life.Some ways by which we approach Kin-dom and bring it into greater realization among us:listening, discernment of our gifts and work, simplicity that frees us to focus on what is most essential, justice-making.-Judy Goldberger, Beacon Hill Friends Meeting & Jamaica Plain Worship Group § Humanity is trapped in systems of oppression and domination, yearning for liberation and empowerment.It’s most often used to describe the way a local Friends meeting operates and seeks the right way forward together.As we relate to each other and work together as He calls us to work together, then we find our way to gospel order.


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