Essays On Travelling As A Means Of Education

Essays On Travelling As A Means Of Education-36
On the other hand, those who are against on traveling to study have different perspectives.First, various universities abroad cost ten times the cost of the local college.

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This essay discussed the views of traveling to study and those who are against with it.Furthermore, students who gained international qualifications are more preferred by the various employers which means they are prone to many job opportunities.Therefore, the international study provides more advantages to the future of the individual who pursues this idea.This essay will examine the points on both sides of the argument then draw a logical conclusion.On the one hand, studying abroad as much is required for many students.Whereas adults travel to experience different things.Either ways everyone gets to learn something or the other, but the difference is in childhood we look at things from a different perspective we find something to learn from it, but when we are adults we start marking things and There are several places to travel to, it depends on the traveler where he wishes to go and what is his main objective.Travelling to various places broadens our mindset and refreshes our brain.A visit to a place imparts practical knowledge of important places, persons, things and the nature of people. As a traveler moves from places to places he has idea of different places, religions, caste, etc. Rather we can say he can be a good tutor if he travels frequently to different places.In today’s ever-changing world, of advanced technologies, education forms a much-needed base for overall development of a human being including his personal, social and economic development.So traveling to another country for higher education is justified?


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