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But while my classmates slept, I had written one paper, packed five trunks of clothes and shipped them off to New York, driven close to 100 miles, and got to class on time. n 2014, Lupita Nyong'o, a Mexican-Kenyan actress and model, revealed that she used to pray for lighter skin.

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(Vogue did not respond to multiple requests for comment.) o analyze the last nineteen years of Vogue covers, we calculated how light a model’s skin looks in each photograph.

That is, how the photographers and editors of Vogue chose to display her.

Despite the grueling hours, the never-ending criticism, and the near-impossible tasks I was given, I know now that being an intern at was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My initial takeaway was shallow: People in fashion are crazy. Watching my fellow interns scrambling to help models get dressed for yet another fashion show, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I may not have felt as passionately about fashion as my coworkers, but I wanted to find something to consume me in that same way. They say one should never rule by fear, but being ruled by fear is what prevented my fellow interns and me from making the same mistake twice.

Fear is what forced us make the impossible possible.

To investigate this, we looked at the covers of Vogue magazine, a bastion of fashion that has been reporting on and setting trends for over a century.

Vogue may be hiring women of many races, but are they representing women of all shades?

In the same way that white women will have an easier time than women of color, light-skinned women of color will have an easier time than dark-skinned women of color.

So even though racial and ethnic diversity in fashion and the media is improving, dark-skinned women still aren’t getting the representation they deserve.

If you beg enough, you can convince the post office to stay open past 5 p.m., and while you cannot get the direct cell phone number of that UPS driver, you can get the main office to connect you directly.

(Convincing the driver to bring the package back is another story.) Many of my former colleagues are now pursuing careers in fashion, public relations, and the media. Call me a masochist, but I look back fondly on the memory of the morning of that late night call: It was 4 a.m.


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