Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Reality Essay

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The directors both developed their style of film creation from music videos and the influence of which can be used to explain why there are close links between their two styles as well as how certain actors were casted and why certain costumes were used.

Scott Pilgrim is set in an arcade game style but, in what the audience would consider a regular setting and, uses hyper reality and style to create a spectacle.

Hypereality turns Scott into a powerful hero as he earns self-respect for himself.

The film Eternal Sunshine has a setting based around a society who hides troubling events from their selves.

In Scott Pilgrim, the scene presents Scott about to battle one of Ramona's evil exes and his stunt doubles, this also portrays a sense of surrealism because Scott finds it difficult fighting this ex since he cannot figure out which one is the real ex.

This links to the concept of hyperreality as the idea as there being multiple simulations of reality.

Visual style is also used to recreate the idea that this is meant to be a comic book/arcade game setting.

Mis-en-scene reinforces this idea as it is predominately in this scene, the specific aspect of this MICRO area being casting to give the idea that this 'boss' has clones of himself and reinforce the films MACRO of visual style to further reinforce the arcade game setting in the film rather than being used to drive the narrative along.

This also links to hyperreality since Scott actually dies but then plays the whole of the film again, just like having a spare life in a video game, as well as the idea that different choices in a video game can affect the outcome.

For example the choice of swords affected the ending of the film.


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