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Describe the ways you will present your annual plan, introduce the main point, defend other ideas, and refuse the opponent’s counterclaims with the help of various sources. The main thing to keep in mind is that the topic sentence pulls from the arguments included in the main claim – thesis statement. Your instruction is: “Use what the class has learned from the books by William Shakespeare and his most famous love stories. Explain why Shakespeare was the best British author of his time through providing a meaningful evidence throughout the paper.” The main question of the prompt is whether Shakespeare was the best author of his time.

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As mentioned by Matsler (2003), approximately half of the population which has a right to vote attends elections. The active voters go to the polling place, make their choice, and the leader is elected. Thus, the rest of the population may stay unhappy with the results, but there is no chance to change them once one of the candidates collects enough votes.

Except for obtaining more accurate outcomes, making voting process obligatory “would temper the polarization of American politics” (Liu, 2012). To conclude, a mandatory voting would promote the accuracy of elections results, enabling more voters to learn what they were supporting.

The final few sentences must share the author’s expectations for the future, explain the meaning of study in the real world, and finish with the powerful hook sentence like in the introduction paragraph. It is time to share a few words about the methods to cite & reference helpful sources and revise the draft to let it be free of any mistakes.

The final stage to pass in order to learn how to write an argument essay is to make a draft & revise the whole paper.

After reading the instructions closely & analyzing them, the author has to check the entire text ensuring it has a direct answer or at least a hint to the question.

The author should provide the final answer in conclusion.

An argumentative essay outline looks like the action plan a young entrepreneur prepares when getting ready to launch a startup. A paper outline can save the student in the process of writing once he/she gets stuck in the middle, so there is no way to ignore this magic wand.

Every academic assignment consists of several different sections. Various paragraphs play different roles in introducing the topic/problem, creating the main argument, putting down evidence, and concluding the paper impressively.


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