Faith Research Paper

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This article discusses ethical guidelines from the viewpoint of the teachings of Islam and, although not ostensibly different, finds parallels in the manner in which ethics could be conceptualised in the context of research in education.

Notes on Contemporary Literature 40.1 (2010): 36-39.

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The book starts with a short story where in an unnamed grandma influencing her son to go to Tennessee rather than Florida for vacation. Sheppard's character is reminiscent of O'Connor's words: "Nobody has given any reliable......The Life and Works of O.

Here the Grandmother is shown to be very manipulative and even in the journey manipulates her son to divert to Tennessee instead of Florida. Henry One of the most celebrated writers in American literature, William Sydney Porter (1862 –1910), better known in his pen name O. "Flannery O Connor (1925–1964)." The Columbia Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Short Story.

He has touched on this theme as a central reason for his visit. Her stories like “The River”, “A good man is hard to find”, and “The life you save may be your own” reflect different ideas about baptism, serial killers, human greed, and exploitation respectively.

Various theological sources will be cited throughout the paper as faith is both defined and related to Paul’s impending visit. In most of her stories, there is the feeling of coldness, dispassionate, violence and a bit of starkness.


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